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  • The company adheres to stringent quality norms for all the processes.
  • The material used by the company are of very high quality and compatible to the latest machinery and production process
  • The company's technical and commercial quality guidelines are set to high standards. It continuously monitors production performance and also monitors constant assembly line for quality check.
  • A team supervises the quality assurance and control aspects along the entire process system by identifying and associating with the quality circles
  • Quality Control tests are conducted regularly to maintain an uniform product quality
  • To promote kettle bells globally and to add kettle bells in the rank of STRENGTH TRAINING EQUIPMENT in every Gym worldwide.
  • We understand your feeling as to how much you are emotionally attached with your brand name and there for we care maximum to melt, mold & manufacture the products in your OWN BRAND NAME to your ultimate satisfaction.

Give us samples of your BRAND NAME and we will produce the same according to international standards, specification and in such a smart and attractive manner that it can interweave with the demands of your customers and end users.

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